Journey: Italian Daughter to Indian ‘BAHU’

 Samvad News (Varnita Vajpayee)

From Pasta to KHICHDI, Dresses to SUTI SAREE. ‘The Bahu of Indira’

Yes, my name was Antonia Edvige Albine Maino,but I am Mrs.Sonia Rajeev Gandhi.
Yes, I was a waitress,but not a bar dancer.
Yes, I was Cathelic by birth,but I adapted Indian culture.
I fell in Love with a man and marry him as per your culture.
I changed my culture,my food,my attire and my lifestyle.
Yes, I changed myself from Pasta to KHICHDI.
I changed myself from Dresses to SUTI Saree.
Being a Bahu was not easy for me,but yes I Am the Bahu of ‘INDIRA’.
I pampered my children like every Indian mother does.
Yes, I am emotional too, I cried when my husband was assassinated.
I gave my 19 years to India’s 132 year old party.
Yes, I am the daughter of Italy, but I am the ‘BAHU of India’.
Yes, I am Mrs.Gandhi and I am an Indian.

Before spreading fake news and trolling Mrs.Sonia Gandhi do you ever think about her journey. She is a daughter,she is a wife,she is a bahu,she is a mother and yes, she is a Leader who make us proud as a women. After the election of general assembly 2004 Sonia Gandhi humbly denied to take up the post of Prime Minister. She said that “The post of PM has not been my aim, I was always certain that if ever I found myself in the position I am in today,I would follow my inner voice. I humbly decline the post”. She gave that opportunity to our former Prime Minister Mr.Manmohan singh. Yes she is an idol of sacrifice, the symbol of Power. It was not easy to being an Indian Bahu but she drastically changed herself and prooved herself as an Indian Bahu. She changed her food, culture,attire. So, don’t you think before trolling her, before abusing her and spreading her fake pictures on social media.

She is not only Italian, she is an Indian too. In India if our ‘Bahu,Beti’ are our Pride and honour then she is our Pride. We worship goddess Durga and Lakshmi, we admire Lakshmibai, we encourage Kiran bedi…… they all are women.Before trolling Mrs.Sonia Gandhi can’t we remember that despite of everything firstly, she is a WOMAN. We troll her doctered images, we defame her without even thinking that, she is also our Indian BAHU. At one hand we talk about respecting women, women empowerment and our great indian culture but on other hand we are disrespecting a woman. What message are we giving to the world about us, about our so called indian culture. Are we not showing our two faces. Yes…. she deserve our respect and grattitude for being absorbed in our indian soil and serve our nation denouncing her own heritage and nation.

**** Yes….a women is Indian, Italian, Canadian and Russian Yes….a women is Hindu,Muslim,Sikh and Cathelic Yes….a women is Brahmin,Sunni,Thakur and Dalit Yes…. a women is Mother, Daughter,Sister and Wife BUT First of all #SHE_IS_A_WOMAN 


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